Vast Energy Services distributes precision MLT Rings for the oil and gas industry.  MLT Rings are an engineered, low-cost solution for downhole environments that place extraordinary loads on connections of casing, liners, work-strings, and production-strings. They deliver premium performance with standard API connections.



The MLT Ring also provides a smooth, continuous inner diameter along the length of the production tubing: this reduces friction; increases productivity; eliminates washout which can damage exposed collar threads within the J-Section; allows for more effective use of tool running and servicing with coil tubing; eliminates build up in the coupling during cement squeezes; reduces annular turbulence; reduces the risk of thread galling by preventing sand migration into threads; reduces rod wear caused by build-up or bridging of sand in the coupling center section; and increases connection life.



  • Minimizes damage to tapered threads
  • Blocks sand and fluid from entering threads
  • Increases torque capacity of API connections
  • Improves and maintains flow performance of pipe connections
  • Extends the life and durability of pipe and API connections
  • Stays in place; run pipe with confidence
  • Eliminates pump anchors


  • Mill, pipe yard or field installation
  • Various sizes to fit connections made to API specifications
  • Easy to use sizing and insertion tools for quick installation.

Devon Canada’s Success Story with MLT Torque Rings

Devon performed 416 well work over’s in 2004. 6% of these work over’s were the result of parted tubing. None of these wells were equipped with torque rings. In 2004, Devon installed 1500 MLT Torque rings. In 2005, Devon performed 501 well work over’s and 2% of these work over’s were result of parted tubing. None of these wells were equipped with torque rings.  In 2005, Devon installed 5000 MLT Torque rings.

Prior to the exclusive use of MLT Torque Rings, Devon averages 3 burn/damaged thread connections per work over.

To date, Devon Canada has not had parted tubing in a well which has MLT torque rings and have significantly decreased the amount of damaged tubing threads.

Devon Canada

* Multi-Lobe Torque Rings are a trademark of Volant Productions Inc.

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