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Canada Patent #2,604,074
USA Patent #11/861,041

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A Faster & Safer Alternative to a Traditional Spectacle Blind

The Vast Energy Slide Blind (formerly Hot Tools), is a Patented and Registered fitting which provides a faster, safer and ergonomic alternative to a traditional spectacle blind for the purposes of pipe maintenance and servicing applications in a variety of industrial plant settings. Unlike other pipe blind variants, such as the spectacle blind, the Vast Energy Slide Blind requires only the removal of the studs on the interior of the blind and the loosening of the four exterior studs in order to be swiftly transitioned from operation to blanked configuration. When included as part of the initial installation of plant facilities, the need for pipe and gasket realignment during blanking operations is eliminated. Quick transitioning and maintained gasket placement result in significantly less product loss in the standing pipe during operation.

Key Features

The Slide Blind is ABSA approved and comes in ANSI ratings from 150-900

The Slide Blind simply requires the operator to:

1.  Loosen all the studs

2.  Remove studs which are through the blind face

3.  Slide the blind

4.  Replace the studs & tighten


It’s that simple! 

Smooth Transitions

The removal of all bolts is not required to move the blind from the “blind” to “flow” position. (2 bolts are left in each slide section in opposite sides of the flange.

Easy Replacements

Leaving 4 bolts in the flange on opposite sides keeps the flange in alignment during blinding, which eliminates “flange spring” and allows for easy replacement of the remaining bolts as all holes remain aligned.

Safe Portability

The sling holes on the large Slide blinds or the handles on the smaller sizes allow the blind to moved, slid, or transferred safely into position.

Preventative Measures

Once a blind is in position, the slide hooks act as a positioning tool, as well as a stopper, which prevent the blind from falling or “hatcheting” out the flange. This is major safety advantage.

The Slide Blind Multi

The Slide Blind Multi is another Patented and Registered innovative product developed by Vast Energy (formerly Hot Tools), based around the design of the original Slide Blind Valve, (above), which replaces traditional line blind variants such as the spectacle and manual slip blind and reduces operation time by up to 50%, the Slide Blind Multi is particularly convenient for larger formate applications.  Flange surfaces are manufactured out of 516 70n boiler plate or, stainless steel while the connective material is manufactured out of less expensive and lighter materials, which can reduce the line blind valve weight for increased ease of installation.  The Multi Piece Slide Blind Multi design allows for the blind to be manufactured in smaller components, allowing for assembly to be done on-site with more cost efficiency, as well as increased ease of handling and transportation.  The duel lifting eyes are designed with smooth edges to accommodate lifting straps and avoid fraying and cutting.

Traditional Slide Blind

Available in 2″ through 12″ 

*custom sizes are available in both styles.

Multi Slide Blind

Available in 14″ and up 

A variant of the Traditional Slide Blind, the MULTI is made out of multiple components which make it lighter for safety and ease of handling.

The handle design provides increased ease of operation and installation and can also be used as a lifting point for a crane, specifically useful for safe installation on larger-format blinding applications. 

Both the traditional Slide Blind and the Slide Blind Multi can be custom manufactured to the producers specifications and desired materials.

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