Rod Shears

Vast Energy Services also provides Rod Shear Services! Reduce your service rig downtime when pulling corod and tubing strings simultaneously.   We use the smallest and quickest pneumatic rod shears in the oil and gas industry!  Designed for specific use on stripping jobs where a rod is stuck in the tubing. These shears reduce pinch or crush points and have the ability to cut as large as 1 -1/4″ rod effortlessly, down to 5/8″ in any hardness on the market today.

Have us on site for your next project!

The Smallest & Quickest Pneumatic Rod Shears in the Field!

Reduce downtime!

Pneumatic  Rod Shears

With over $55,00 in machining costs, plus over $35,000 spent in developing first trials, these shears have been tried and tested in both summer and winter conditions in and around Lloydminster’s heavy oil industry.

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